Measuring, improving and enhancing carbon storage

The NetCarbon solution makes carbon measurement by satellite accessible to all to provide the necessary response to the fight against global warming.

Together, let's fight global warming by increasing our capacity to store carbon.

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NetCarbon Technology

Satellite data and algorithms

Our technology merges data from different satellites to monitor vegetation evolution.

By correlating the state of vegetation with data from CO2 sensors, we have developed algorithms to measure carbon capture.

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Artificial Intelligence

We have developed Artificial Intelligence models that allow us to identify practices that impact carbon storage.

The objective? Understand the mechanisms of carbon storage to implement the right practices, at the right times, in the right places."

Our solutions

We can store carbon everywhere but not in the same way.
NetCarbon designs dedicated solutions, integrating the specificities of different areas.



Agricultural areas

Take stock of your operation, define improvement scenarios and follow the implementation of your practices... All in a few clicks!

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Urban areas

Define your revegetation strategy, simulate and monitor the impact of its implementation on carbon capture, heat islands, air quality and biodiversity.

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Measure, Improve, Enhance: the winning trio!


Take stock of the carbon stored and understand its evolution over the past years


Define improvement scenarios and simulate the impact on carbon capture as well as on a set of co-benefits.


Monitor the actions implemented and enhance the impact with tangible and factual elements.

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Our planet is beautiful,
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Let's create a movement to
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The great partners who are with us
to build a more sustainable future together.

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